Mead A’mour

Celebrates the Mountain foraged honeys, pristine river waters and long hot summers of the East Cape. This is where we live and work. Its often a tough life but we reckon its worth it.

Honey especially Manuka is front and centre of most our beverages. Its powerful and unique properties reign above all others

Our Products

Mead and honey beverages are experiencing a strong resurgence with those looking for a healthier lifestyle balance. Meaderies are now dotted in the trendy dining districts from London to New York.

Our Story

Mead A’mour have been based in the East Cape for over 20 years

We were there to witness the first sunrise of the millenium. During the years we have seen a few more sunrises and sunsets and Mead A’mour has grown and diversified. Mead A’mour now produces and markets its honey beverages internationally, including Mead, Bellini, Frizzante Honey liqueurs and Non Alcoholic Beverages.

You will find Manuka Honey at the front and center of almost all our beverages, after all Honey is the Elixir of life and Manuka Honey reigns above all others. 

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