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Who we are

Previously Alchemy Beverages now the newly formed Mead A’mour Company we have been based in the East Cape for over 20 year’s. We were there to witness the first sunrise of the millenium. During the years we have seen a few more sunrises and sunsets and under Mead Amour we are diversifying and growing the company maintaining some of our core products and revamping there looks along with developing and adding new products to our portfolio . The Company now produces and markets  honey beverages internationally, including Honey Meads, Honey liqueurs, Sparkling Bellini & Frizzante Fruit Wines and an exciting range of soon to be launched Low Carb all natural honey based carbonated non alcoholic beverages 

You will find Manuka Honey at the front and center of most of our beverages, after all Honey is the Elixir of life and Manuka Honey reigns above all others.  

Dennis Greeks

Director/Wine Maker

Dennis Greeks has been producing Mead since the late 90’s having cut his teeth in the early years producing cider. Dennis now oversees the production of a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages for domesic and international markets

.….all of which hero East Cape Manuka Honey

“Dennis is a passionate East Caper...and when time allows will be found and surfcasting fishing spots anywhere around the Cape when he is not making wine.
Dennis lives in Gisborne with his wife Kerry and between them they have 7 Children

Kerry Greeks


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Long Serving Members Jason & Terry



Our Customers

 Mead and honey beverages are experiencing  a strong resurgence with those looking for a healthier lifestyle balance. Meaderies are now dotted in the trendy dining districts from London to New York