Mead A’mour Company formed to carry on the tradition of 1st Night Brands.

Mead Amour Company was formed late Last Year by Dennis & Kerry Greeks to purchase back the 1st Night Brands from Former Company Alchemy Beverages which Dennis Greeks was a former founder of back in 2005, Previous majority shareholder investors made the Decision for a variety of reasons to voluntarily wind Alchemy up which led to the decision to continue down a new path.

During our 1st year in business, we have taken the opportunity to review & revamp our Branding, relaunching our First Knight Ambrosia Honey Liqueur as 1st Night Ambrosia Honey Liqueur to realign with our existing brand. In doing so we have worked closely with Nikki Clerke from Seemore Design & Rachel O’Connor from Hally Labels to create a classy new Label to lead this product into the future.

We are also revamping the way our products can be sourced throughout NZ with this Website set to be a leading tool for our consumers to utilize the most convenient way for them to source our products from finding their nearest retail outlet to ordering online. 

Mead Amour Predominantly produce all its beverages with honey as the key ingredient, so we will also be providing interesting informative facts about our products and key ingredients.

We are also poised to enter the world of social media so keep your eye out for what’s trending, the latest deals & competitions to enter.

Our website will provide the consumer with numerous ways to enjoy our products from food and Cocktail Recipes that impress to the perfect way to enjoy for each special occasion. We are currently working on this segment and once our material is ready, we will begin adding regular updates to keep this fresh. If you have a favorite recipe you have made with our products, we would love to share it with others.